» my love

Dodano: 23 grudnia 2016 roku, by Justyna Wydra

Since childhood, I went with my parents on a dog sled race, I helped my dad, I took part in caring for the dogs and training. I know this sport „backstage” and love it. It gives you the freedom, joy, requires of us a lot of work, sacrifice, passion and knowledge. And the money … because buying, feeding the dogs, equipment, vet trips are expensive. I love this sport. That’s why I care to do it well, and worries me, sometimes when other people are doing it wrong. I have a husky 12 years. For 12 years I take part in races and exhibitions and it gives me great joy. I am very happy when I see my daughter loves it too. I know that some people might think, „she is crazy, why do so many dogs, after what these sledding,” but it’s my passion. It gives me joy. How does someone does not understand will not to be with me. 
Husky is a lifestyle. It’s a little crazy life. But I love it.