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Dodano: 3 października 2019 roku, by Justyna Wydra

„If I had to describe my breeder, Justyna Wydra, in two words it would be kind and thoughtful. I feel truly lucky and blessed to now have myself, Noire, and Noxus be apart of the Takuna extended family. Nearing two years ago I found Takuna on Facebook. I fell in love with one of the litters recently whelped. I watched this litter as they grew and was taken by the beauty of every Siberian apart of her family. I had decided to start looking around at different kennels as I wanted to add a new member to my family. I had gotten into showing my boy Noxus and wanted to be able to continue with the newest addition, while still have a puppy that could truly fit in with my first two huskies. I reached out to a few different people and the timing was never quite right because nothing came of it.

I remember checking Takuna every few weeks, curious to see Justyna’s dogs and the two puppies she kept from the first litter I saw. Always coming back to look. I remember talking and showing friends different dogs from her kennel; Dakota, Panda, Goya, Bajka and just talking simply about how much I liked them.

I hesitated to message Justyna because getting a puppy from her would not be easy on either end. But the more I learned about Justyna’s philosophy as a breeder, how she cared for her dogs, the time she put into them, the passion and what I could gauge from her character in general, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to just reach out. I love how she worked her dogs in harness, I love how she exhibited her dogs, I loved the small clips of how she trained and interacted with some of her dogs, I loved that she participated in dog therapy with her dogs, I loved how they are her family. All things I hope to see and be as I continue with my dogs.

So I reached out.

The conversation that we had really made me feel like this could be the right choice. She wanted to know more about me, my intentions, and what I wanted. I remember explaining to Justyna how above all, my new puppy must fit in, because Noxus and Noire are family and my newest puppy would be too. They have good characters, sweet and social. I needed the right personality to fit in. Justyna assured me she could provide the best character and also explained she could watch for a show prospect. After our conversation, she showed me the litters she had planned this year, and I was especially surprised and excited because Dakota and Demon were rebreeding. Dakota and Demon were the parents of the first litter I saw on her page. I asked if I could be placed on the litter and although it was basically booked she let me hold a spot Incase their were enough puppies. Fast forward to Naava’s birth. She was the only girl in the litter and Justyna offered her to me. I watched this little puppy grow from thousands of miles away. Justyna updated me with pictures and her thoughts on how she was growing and what she thought about her. She assured me she had the temperament and that she also received great feedback from her litter evaluation for show. I decided to get her, and in September she arrived. She has been everything Justyna describes and more. A well mannered puppy, kind, thoughtful, sweet, social, intuitive. Fantastic. Not to mention her movement and structure was just as beautiful as the rest of her family.
I write all this to today as we received the small gifts pictured. Small in size, huge in meaning. Naava’s papers arrived with toys, but most importantly photos of her family back in Poland, small tokens of who she is, and where she came from. Photos of her mom, grandma and a small bracelet that sums up the connection between a breeder and buyer. Although we live miles and miles apart we both share a love for huskies and are connected forever through Naava. Justyna really cares and goes above and beyond and I cannot speak enough about her. Truly a breeder to be recognized and appreciated for all her hard work and dedication to the breed, but above all else the kindness that she displays and the trust she had in me as a complete stranger.

Thank you Justyna, these gifts mean more than you can imagine <3 „